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Preliminary Mathematics
  Single-Valued Advantage of the Parametric Form
  Basis Functions for a Quadratic Bezier Curve
  Affine Transformations (rotation of a Cubic Bezier Curve's Control Points)
  Cubic Hermite Curve
  Quadratic and Cubic Bezier Curves
  Septic vs. Composite Cubic Bezier Curves
  G0 vs. G1 Continuity for Composite Curves
  Geometric Construction of a Quadratic Bezier Curve Using de Casteljau's Algorithm
  Geometric Construction of a Cubic Bezier Curve Using de Casteljau's Algorithm
  Comparison of Cubic Hermite, Bezier, and B-Spline Curves
  Cubic B-Spline Curve with Multiple Segments
  Cubic B-Spline Curve with Variable Knot Sequences
  Closed B-Spline Curve
  Bi-Cubic Hermite Surface (under construction)
  Bi-Cubic Bezier Surface
  Composite Bi-Cubic Bezier Surface with G0 or G1 Continuity
  B-Cubic B-Spline Surface
  Rotational Sweep
  Boolean Operations
  Non-Manifold Models