Screenshot of an immersive course from the Smithsonian.

Immersive Courseware

The Smithsonian's Virtual Expedition, built in 2008, takes users on a deep dive with their scientists into the world of science and exploration. Intentionally left untouched, this virtual expedition illustrates the longevity and stability that can be achieved through hand-crafted products.


Screenshot from an interactive course on how to build a virtual tour.

College-level Courses

This is a sample of instructional material used in a 12-week course on building educational VR media from photography to publishing. It was taught to instructional designers and educators from the University of Hawaii and customized for their specific equipment, practices, and staffing.


Screenshot of a virtual tour made my students taking a remote workshop.

Remote Workshops

Before the Gitche Gumee Agate & History Museum closed its doors in 2022, local supporters worked to archive the museum using virtual tour technology. Through a series of remotely-taught workshops and the rental of select equipment, museum staff were trained on how to create a virtual tour of the museum. Thanks to these efforts, the museum's legacy and memory were preserved.